Stop complaining about things you can change

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  • "Sometimes, saying “Goodbye” is like saying “Let’s stop hurting each other.”"
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    These photographs show Tippi Hedren — star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds — with her husband, director Noel Marshall, and her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, and their lion, Neil

    Hedren founded Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve animal sanctuary in 1972.


    A dream

    white people

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    If vanilla coffee hits my tongue

    I swear to fucking god I’ll throw up

    I can’t even smell it without getting

    that shaky sick feeling. 

    you always wanted to drink it when 

    you were sad

    I always wanted to drink you


    I see your mouth

    and your teeth

    and the way you speak

    and I crack

    and crack

    and break

    I used to fall asleep every night

    with your mouth pressed against

    my skin 

    like a tattoo

    and you’re gone

    jesus fuck

    but sometimes I can still

    see the outline of your lips

    on my shoulders


    Your fingers used to crawl

    up and down my spine

    and that was your favorite place

    to kiss me

    and now it burns all the time

    and I can’t get out of bed

    without pain 

    shooting up my back and

    into my chest


    The tips of your fingers

    used to dance against mine.

    I got to touch you

    with my fingertips

    and you got to touch me

    with hands that tried to kill


    when they stopped touching

    my waist

    and reached for the door


    Summer sings like my old

    air conditioner trying to freeze 

    me to death

    and we listened to that song all summer

    when we turned the AC all the way

    up so we could stay wrapped around

    each other the whole  season without sweating

    or bleeding

    but it turns out

    cold air

    and falling in love

    can’t stop the bleeding

    and I was lightheaded 

    and you fucking loved it

    and I fucking loved you


    Your mother went out of town

    so we sat in your basement

    sipping raspberry vodka lemonade

    through smiling teeth

    and I got drunk

    and cried about things that 

    happened in middle school

    and you pretended to understand

    and brushed my hair out

    of my stinging eyes and sang my 

    favorite songs until I laughed.

    I haven’t touched a drink since

    you left

    because everything that used to

    make it ache less

    tastes like you,

    you ruin everything

    but thanks I guess,

    I was dizzy too much of the 

    time anyway


    We spent two weeks sleeping on

    my bedroom floor

    because my father told me he

    hated me and my mom and slammed the 

    door on my hand when he left

    and I had two broken fingers

    and my bed twisted around me

    like nightmares

    and goodbyes 

    and I kept waking up crying

    so you pulled me onto the floor

    because it wasn’t stained with 

    memories of being able to breathe

    without all that fucking pain

    and you kissed my forehead

    until I fell asleep

    and I kissed your cheek

    to wake you up


    I put on peach lipstick because

    I liked the way it looked

    and you liked the way it tasted

    it like candy 

    and I kissed every inch of you

    and your brother saw you wiping

    it off the back of your neck

    and he asked you what it was

    and you told him

    it was love 

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    Am I too late to add a cute ghost to your dash?


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    this movie was a masterpiece 

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  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock in Scarface (1983)

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    Am I the the only one who feels like crying with this?

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  • "don’t let him ruin your favourite songs, don’t let him ruin your favourite movie, don’t let him ruin you."